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Tuesday, 29 September 2009 13:07

Arica and Parinacota Region

The Arica and Parinacota Region is in the far north, bordering Peru and Bolivia. Is characterized by a temperate climate (coastal desert), with few changes in temperature, having an annual average temperature 17 ° C. The rain is very short due to the Anticyclone Pacific influence, becoming the country's driest region. One of the main features of this desert climate in the region, is the homogeneity of the temperatures on the coast and a high oscillation in the interior (central depression, pre-Cordillera and Altiplano).
The fishes main species are found in the coast, with importance in Recreational fishing, the rock fishes, which are the Chalaco, the Cabrilla and Tomoyo. In addition,  Chungará Lake detected the presence of rainbow trout, which is mainly taken by Aymara's community members belonging to groups that live in the highland of the  region. The region offers a wide variety of places for visitors for tourism, as are the  Lluta and Azapa valleys, Chungara Lake, Putre and  Arica cities, Chinchorro and Lisera beaches perfect for swimming.



Fishing Areas

Referential Location

Obispito Cove

Arica north coast

El Alacrán Ex-Island

Face to Morro

El Laucho beach

Arica south coast

Punta Piureros-Liserilla

Arica south coast (El Laucho south beach)

La Grilla

Lisera north beach (Arica south coast)

Capilla Rocks

Corazones south beach (Arica south coast)

Vitor Cove

South Arica

Camarones Cove

South Vitor

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