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Tuesday, 29 September 2009 12:59


The region has an area of 30,269.1 km² and an estimated population for 2006 of 976,439 inhabitants. The region comprises the Cauquenes, Curico, Linares and Talca Provinces were capital city is Talca.
The Maule Region has two river systems: the Mataquito River to the north and the Maule River in the center. Mataquito River is a mixed regime and the strams are the Teno and Lontué rivers. The Maule River is one of the largest in the country. Born in the Andes and has as its upper tributaries to Puelche,  Los Cipreses and Melado rivers. The Loncomilla River as stream of Longitudinal Valley, to flow in the sea, in Constitucion commune. The Colbun reservoir has importance, as the hydroelectric power plant located Colbun Machicura.

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