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Tuesday, 29 September 2009 12:56

The Coquimbo region has a semiarid climate with low rainfall. There are three Recreational fishing activities in this area : spearfishing, fishing beach and  fishing reservoir. Underwater Hunting is one of the popular activities in region, chiefly in the spearfishing championship, and their aims are coastal fish such as logs, old and Pejeperros. The beach fishing resources is intended as flounder, croaker and rock fish (old Pejeperro, plump, etc.), while reservoirs fishing is almost exclusively of Argentine pejerrey. The most important areas for this activity are La Paloma, Recoleta, Puclaro and Cogoti reservoirs. However, there is also fishing in streams of the Elqui, Choapa and Limarí rivers.


Fishing Zone

Referential Location

La Paloma reservoir

in Ovalle

Recoleta reservoir

Between Ovalle and Coquimbo

Culimo reservoir


Along the coast



Los Vilos town is a IV regio beach with a high summer population. The Recreational fishing methods practiced in the region include snorkelling, beach fishing and fishing in rivers. Underwater Hunting is one of the popular activity in this town, mainly for Spearfishing Championships, which aim are coastal fishes, as logs, old and Pejeperro. The beach fishing, especially on the Pichidangui, Los Vilos beaches and Choapa River mouth, have as aim the sole and croaker. Finally, the banks of river fishing occurs mostly in Choapa River basin, and all its tributaries, with objectives of this fishing species as the Argentine pejerrey and rainbow trout.


Fishing Zone

Referential Location

Pichidangui beach

Pichidangui beaches

Los Vilos beach

Los Vilos beaches

Choapa lake estuary

Huentelauquén area

Rocky coastal areas

The entire coast without beaches.

Choapa river tributary

Choapa basin



In this town, the Recreational fishing activity takes place mainly in the methods of submarine hunting and fishing beach. Underwater Hunting is one of popular activities in this area, carried out mainly in Spearfishing Championships. The target fishing are coastal fish such as logs, old and Pejeperro. The beach fishing, mainly in the Tongoy’s Playa Grande, aims to resources like flounder and croaker.


Fishing Zone

Referential Location

Tongoy ‘s Playa Grande

South of the beaches

Socos beach

North of the beaches.

Guanaqueros beach

Guanaqueros area

Rocky coastal areas

Entire coast without beaches

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